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S.G Mark is a Scottish born writer currently living in London.

Writing has always been a passion for S.G Mark. Growing up in the Highlands of Scotland, she has always been inspired by the environment around her and has incorporated this beautiful landscape into many of her works.

Following a curiosity campaign to write 365 stories every day for a year, S.G Mark’s hunger for writing was ignited and work on The Dark Places Trilogy began. Inspired by recent political history and a passion for understanding the Russian Stalinist era, the dystopian series draws on parallels with similar autocratic governments whilst delivering a unique culture of its own. S.G Mark wanted to explore how easily such a free-thinking country such as the UK could slip easily into monstrous chaos - caused by an apathy symptomatic of modern culture and technology.

Blackout Obscura and The Cult of The Enemy are already on sale and S.G Mark has begun work on the third and final installment, The Glass House. An unrelated, standalone book Folie a Deux is due for release in early 2017.

Some of S.G Mark’s most inspiring authors are Philip K. Dick, James Ellroy and Arthur C. Clarke.



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