Sherelle Winters is an author, podcaster, and software engineer who relocated from her home state of North Carolina to Texas in the early 2000s. Despite her decades in the state, she still longs for good-old-fashioned Carolina-style barbeque versus Texas-style barbequed meats, though she will sometimes admit that she also enjoys good brisket.

A self-professed Japanophile, Sherelle used the country as the setting for her first three novels and notes that her heavy consumption of Japanese media has almost certainly affected her story-telling style and subject matter.

She shares her life with her beloved sweetie, the family she made herself from her closest friends, and her much beloved furkids.

Sherelle's first three books were released under the name Anma Natsu.


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Knives and the Girl

Set in the Meiji era of Japan, Knives and the Girl is the story of Knives, a skilled thief whose meticulously planned bank robbery is thrown off kilter by Chiyo, the 16-year-old niece of the bank's owner. To his surprise, he's torn between his long standing rule of leaving no living witnesses behind and this soft-voiced wisp of a girl who acts as if she knew he was coming…