Shirley lives in Delhi, India with her family. Her love for the mysterious and the supernatural grew early on as a child, listening  about haunted houses, apparitions on lonely roads and paranormal activities, supposedly true stories narrated by family and neighbors.

Those stories fueled a fascination for the unknown, one that she kept fed with a regular dose of ghosts, demons, the paranormal and everything that goes bump in the night, thanks to a reading habit instilled by her parents.

Today, she reads across genres like—crime, thrillers, mysteries, paranormal, supernatural, even romances, once in a while. Some of her favorites are Bram Stoker, Agatha Christie, Tami Hoag, Sir A. C. Doyle, L. J. Smith, Stephen King, J.K. Rowling, Thomas Harris, Elizabeth  Haynes, and Rita Stradling, among others. She has a soft corner for indie authors, having come to love and admire their stories.

When she is not working, you will find Shirley either penning down her stories, or reading books or designing e-cards.

Writing stories is a new found love she has come to cherish. Shirley wants to write mesmerizing stories that keep readers hooked and remain with them for a long time. 

You can find her latest release—SINISTER TIES—at leading online retailers. She is currently reworking MISSING MANDY, her previous work and will be releasing the revised edition by end of this year.


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