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Shona Moyce is a writer, a bookworm, and a weirdo. She is the author of Blood's Veil and Immisceo and she hails from the island of St Helena; for anyone who doesn’t know, try Google maps—yes, that’s it: the little dust-speck in the middle of the Atlantic. She has lived in Somerset, England for the best part of ten years, and is now settled in Taunton with her husband, Gary—Snore Champion 2011 to present date—and her fur-baby, Phantom, a ninja-cat with a personality as big as the sky.

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Immisceo: Taken


Luciana is a powerful witch: independent and wilful as she is strong. But when she is chosen by the Duciti to conceive an Immisceo witch to use as a weapon against Amara and her Outcasts, she has but two choices: obey with her freedom or without. When her Immisceo son is kidnapped, she will stop at nothing to get him back.

Caught between two enemies, Luciana and her unwitting companion are against the odds in their quest to save her son from a war that shouldn’t have been his to fight. In the hands of his kidnapper, Eli is as much a weapon as he would be in the Duciti’s—a weapon Luciana created. His life has been predetermined by those who would harm him, and Luciana must now right the wrongs she has dealt her son and save him from his fate—but at what cost?