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S. M. Sevón writes paranormal suspense involving classic horror themes with a new twist. By profession, she is a technical writer and translator who for the past few years has been a working-at-home-mom of two, living with her part Danish family in the heart of Finland. Her career as a writer of fiction already spans two decades, but "They Wait in the Woods" is her first official publication. The story of the book is continued in her second novel, "What Human Remains".

She is currently working on the third volume in the Bonnie Parker Series.



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They Wait in the Woods

"They Wait in the Woods" is S. M. Sevón's début novel, an exciting mix of modern action, paranormal suspense and classic horror that will entertain any adult reader. Giving familiar supernatural themes a new twist, "They Wait in the Woods" mixes human drama and fast-paced action sequences that will take the reader on an intense, entertaining thrill ride.