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Stan Smith has lived most of his life in the Midwest United States and currently resides in Warrensburg, Missouri. He writes adventure novels that have a generous sprinkling of science fiction. He also writes short stories, and one of his current projects is a collection of unusual speculative stories about love (you can sample these on his website). His novels and stories are about regular people who find themselves caught up in highly unusual situations. They are designed to stimulate your sense of wonder, get your heart pounding, and keep you reading late into the night, with minimal risk of exposure to spelling and punctuation errors. His books are for anyone who loves adventure, discovery, and mind-bending surprises.


Historical Fiction
Science Fiction

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On a field trip to remote Papua, Quentin Darnell and his students stumble upon an object that could change the world forever. But things begin to unravel, and Quentin realizes his own injured son is the only barrier to their escape.

What would you sacrifice to bring to light the greatest discovery in human history?

If you like mind-bending science fiction, stories of alien contact, or wilderness survival stories, don't miss this first book in the thrilling Diffusion series.