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STARLA HARRIS loves all things romance. She especially loves reading and writing about bad boys, billionaires and playboys.

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Women's Fiction

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Alter Ego

Sometimes you just want to be someone else. When life sucks, you just want to throw away the old you and start fresh.

For Iris Thompson, she did just that. With her life in a rut, she wanted to be wild for once in her life. So, when her best friend, Olivia, invited her to an art gala to have some fun, she stepped into it not as Iris but as Natasha, the carefree, charismatic, and charming young woman that steals the heart of the handsome billionaire Damien Flaherty. Their daring relationship started hot and heavy in a stairwell but quickly falls apart at the seams.

With Iris forced to put on an act, guilt quickly consumes her. How long can she keep lying to the billionaire? To the man she has started to fall in love with? When he discovers her alter ego will her heart break yet again?