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I enjoy my solitude, albeit surrounded by my cats, and I’ve been living in the States for several years, where I’ve devoted myself to writing.

Reading, painting, sculpture and Italian opera are a few of my passions. They are not simply a hobby, they are also a true source of inspiration for me.

I served in the army for fifteen years, where I worked with numerous international agencies specializing in intelligence and the fight against terror. I took part in a number of missions to Africa and the Middle East. I’m currently security advisor for a large American firm.

I’ve always loved reading and writing. This passion has its roots in classical French, Russian and American literature. My favorite authors are Kafka, Nabokov and, a little closer to home, Gabriel Garcia Marquez. My stories spring from my real-life experiences and I hope you’ll feel that throughout this book and those to come. I primarily talk about places I know and scenarios, obviously fictional, which I know from experience could easily have been real.

I love hearing from my readers. Please feel free to write me, I’ll do my best to respond as soon as I can.

If you’ve read “The Red Fortress” then you’ve met Claire, the sleeper agent working at the Pentagon. You’ll know she was born in Egypt and spent her adolescence in Islamic training camps. Here is “Childhood Lost”, which takes place in Cairo and the Sinai Desert, where she meets her mentor Al Thawadi at a time when she still called herself Djamila. You can download this second book for free using the link you will find in “The Red Fortress”.

The English version of “The Red Fortress” will be released on December 24th.

Happy reading.

Stephane Daniels



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