Steve Higgs is the author of the Blue Moon Investigations Series and a former 25 year Army veteran. He lives in the South East of England in the middle of the places his books are set with a trio of lazy sausage dogs.
He is constantly bemused by the stupid people he meets on a daily basis and likes nothing better than to draw inspiration from the utter rubbish they convince themselves could be true. The central character's parents are in no way based on his own. Definitely, definitely not.
Influenced by Jim Butcher, Stephen King, Kim Harrison, Derek Landy, Lee Child and Janet Evanovich to name a few, his work will always be a mix of action and thriller mixed with situational comedy.


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A Typo, a Werewolf, and Two Dopey Dachshunds

Tempest Michaels is about to have a bad week.

When a newspaper ad typo sends all manner of daft paranormal enquiries his way, P.I. Tempest Michaels has no sense of the trouble and danger heading his way.

In no time at all, he has multiple cases to investigate, but it’s all ridiculous nonsense like minor celebrity Richard Claythorn, who believes he is being stalked by a werewolf and a shopkeeper in a nearby village with an invisible thief.

Solving these cases might be fun if his demanding mother (Why are there no grandchildren, Tempest?) didn’t insist on going with him, but the simple case of celebrity stalking might not be all it seems when he catches a man lurking behind the client’s property just in time to see him step into the moonlight and begin to transform...


Zombie Granny

This a free short story taken from the Blue Moon Investigation Agency case files.

How much trouble can a typo cause? A lot it turns out as private investigator Tempest Michaels is accidentally advertised at a paranormal investigator and clients with ridiculous cases start hammering on his door. Soon though he is investigating hauntings, phantoms, the report of a vampire in his home town and a zombie horde that you can read about here.

Tempest Michaels adventures are cozy mystery blended with straight-up comedy with some action and adventure thrown in. You won't want to miss the fun, but check the reviews on Amazon first if you have any doubt, then join my legion of loyal fans as labour night and day to give you stories that will engage and entice.


Spooky Shopping Mall

This is a FREE full story and the first in a series known as the Harper Files. Unsolicited reviews on Amazon and elsewhere list side effects from reading this as spilled beverages and hernias (okay, the last bit's not true but you get the gist - it's funny).

Amanda Harper takes a job at a paranormal investigation agency and soon finds herself embroiled in murder, mystery, and mayhem as she tried to solve cases that probably have ordinary explanations. Probably.

Join her and be ready to laugh but don't miss out on the chance to get another FREE book by subscribing to my newsletter service where I will offer you bargains, discounts, and fun plus competitions where you can name the book or name the character and get your name in the dedication. The details are inside.