Steve Higgs is the author of the Blue Moon Investigations Series and a former 25 year Army veteran. He lives in the South East of England in the middle of the places his books are set with a trio of lazy sausage dogs.
He is constantly bemused by the stupid people he meets on a daily basis and likes nothing better than to draw inspiration from the utter rubbish they convince themselves could be true. The central character's parents are in no way based on his own. Definitely, definitely not.
Influenced by Jim Butcher, Stephen King, Kim Harrison, Derek Landy, Lee Child and Janet Evanovich to name a few, his work will always be a mix of action and thriller mixed with situational comedy.


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Zombie Granny

Amidst the brooding hills and ancient castles of England, the darkness breeds evil in every shadow. Or stupid, quite a few contain stupid instead. 

Do you like your paranormal adventures with a side order of humor? Welcome to the Blue Moon Investigations files where you will find more than a dozen full-length adventures waiting for you

Paranormal Investigator Tempest Michaels has a zombie problem.

Crazy people craving human flesh have been appearing without warning in hoards in towns across Kent. He is just as mystified as everyone else, but when the elderly husband of the recent viral internet sensation known as Zombie Granny asks him to prove she is no such thing, he has to take the case.

Then outside his office, people start screaming...


Killer Cocktail

When you catch your husband in bed with your BFF, you clean out his bank accounts and jump on the first available cruise ship. That's right, isn't it?

Patricia Fisher's unconventional response kick starts the adventure of a lifetime as she throws off the shroud of her unfulfilling marriage and discovers the woman she ought to be hiding beneath.

Killer Cocktail is a short story introduction to a unique cozy mystery series full of relatable characters and unsolvable crimes.

Invited to a party as a guest of a friend, Patricia realizes her mistake when she discovers all the other guests are 30 years her junior. But when the obnoxious online celebrity birthday girl drops dead in the middle of the event, Amateur sleuth Patricia has to swing into action.