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Steve Higgs is the author of the Blue Moon Investigations Series and a former 25 year Army veteran. He lives in the South East of England in the middle of the places his books are set with a trio of lazy sausage dogs.
He is constantly bemused by the stupid people he meets on a daily basis and likes nothing better than to draw inspiration from the utter rubbish they convince themselves could be true. The central character's parents are in no way based on his own. Definitely, definitely not.
Influenced by Jim Butcher, Stephen King, Kim Harrison, Derek Landy, Lee Child and Janet Evanovich to name a few, his work will always be a mix of action and thriller mixed with situational comedy.


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In the Doodoo with Voodoo

Paranormal investigation takes balls. Amanda will just have to wing it then.

What was she thinking? Quitting her steady job in the Police for an uncertain future at a paranormal investigation agency? No time to dwell on it though as she has a new client with a surprising problem – Kimberly Kousins has been cursed by a voodoo priest.

Determined to prove to herself, her former Chief Inspector (whom she loathes) and everyone else, that she is a capable woman with no need for a man to rescue her, she is going to have to bend the day to her will.

You can be certain that nothing will go as planned in this mayhem-filled, madcap cozy mystery.


The Harper Files Box Set

Disillusioned lady cop, Amanda Harper quits her job to be a paranormal investigator but finds her new role to be a touch more mayhem-filled than she expected.

With best friend and former police colleague, Patience Woods lending a hand, she will have to tackle thieving ghosts, a voodoo priest and his clan, and what appears to be the precursor to an alien invasion in the first three cases.

Expect utter bedlam, boyfriend troubles, indecision about her options with men, plus donuts, lots and lots of donuts as Patience likes to make sure she is fuelled for action at all times.

It’s going to be a snark-filled, wild ride!


Can You Kick a Ghost in the Nuts?

Amanda has taken a job as a Paranormal Investigator. This is great, but she is rather distracted by Brett Barker, the single, athletic, multi-millionaire heir to the Barker family fortune who wants to take her on a date to Paris in his helicopter.
How does a girl say no to that?
But there is a case for her: A nearby shopping mall has a ghost in it. The spectre has shown up on a photograph and people's belongings have gone missing from inside the lifts without anyone getting on or off. The shopping centre manager wants the case solved but will she be able to? Or will she get stuck in the dicksand with Brett and just be too distracted to solve crimes like sassy best friend Patience Woods predicts. It is time to find out if she can be who she wants to be. Best big girl knickers on.


The Witches of East Malling

Tempest Michaels is back! His office burned down, his love life is a joke and he is convinced he is getting fat. It's the perfect time for a new case then.

The client is the son of a man who was killed in freak accident - struck by lightning inside his house and his heart exploded out of his chest.

There are eldritch runes drawn on the victim’s house and his wife, together with several of her friends, has been seen colluding with a mysterious old crone. Is there witchcraft being practiced in the nearby village of East Malling? The client certainly thinks so.

Will he be swift enough to solve the case before anyone else is killed? Will Frank’s witch-sniffer toad sniff out the witch? Will Tempest’s assistant turn up dressed as a boy or a girl?

You can bet there will be bedlam.


The Klowns of Kent

There might be no such thing as werewolves, vampires or ghosts but apparently evil, dickhead Klowns are real.
Tempest Michaels is once again investigating ridiculous cases that are clearly not even slightly paranormal in nature but his daily menu of fun is interrupted by a plague of clowns with twisted make-up as they terrorise the Kent towns and villages.
The Klowns should be a case for the police to solve but their leader appears to have a serious beef with Tempest and they are coming for him and anyone that gets in their way. Who are the Klowns? What do they want? And what's with the ridiculous smiles?
Throw in a demonic possession, a restaurant with a ghost and some more meddling by his mother, it look like another fun week for Kent's best paranormal investigator.