Susan Leigh Carlton lives just outside Tomball, Texas, a suburb twenty-six miles northwest of Houston. She began writing and publishing on Amazon in August of 2012.
Susan will observe the eighty-third anniversary of her birth on April 17th, 2017. She and her husband will celebrate their fiftieth-first wedding anniversary on April 16th, 2017, the day before her birthday, the day she released this book.
She said, “One of the joys I get from writing is the emails I receive from readers that have read and liked my books. I even like the letters that are critical of the writing because it means the writer cared enough to take the time to write.


Historical Fiction
Historical Romance
Women's Fiction

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Angie and the Farmer

A western historical Oregon Trail Romance of 39,000 words, or around 150 pages. It is a clean story with one non-explicit sexual scene between a married couple. The heat level is 2 or rated GP.
Angie Thornton met Jed Lewis after being swept downstream in a flash flood. She was found by a small boy from a nearby wagon train on a tree limb in a tree beside a creek.
Jed Lewis, the eighteen year old son of one the rescuers, was immediately smitten when she first came to the train.
With 2,000 miles remaining on the Oregon Trail, will Angie be able to overcome her reluctance to accept help? Can she find love with Jed, a farm boy from Ohio?
What did either of them have to do with an iPhone found in a 90 year old grave?


Montana Teacher: Part 1

The year is 1904, and widowed Sarah Collins struggles to make a living for herself and her twin sons. When a higher paying teaching position in Montana becomes available, she readily agrees to leave her life in Indiana behind to forge a new life for her young family, but those hopes are dashed soon after she arrives. Within a short amount of time, a pair of ornery students begin to wreak havoc in her classroom forcing a heated exchange with Tal, their father. While she tries to mend fences with him, she learns troubling news about her father.
Just as her new life begins to settle, Sarah must return to Indiana and say goodbye to new opportunities, including a chance to find love with Tal. Can she ever resolve her problems and have the life she’s always dreamed of? Will Tal let go of his ang