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Tabitha Levin is a contemporary romance author living in Australia. She likes coffee, sleeping in, and lazing on the deck of a cruise ship with a strawberry daiquiri in her hands.


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The Beast

Belle Lockhart is on the run from a biker after seducing him and stealing his cash. She hides in what appears to be an abandoned house in the woods.

When the occupant of the house shows himself, he claims he’s a beast and that Belle should stay far away from him.

But Belle doesn’t always do what people tell her to.

Contemporary Romance Novella. Approx 20,000 words.


The Feathered Lover

Ruby Kelly has never seen one of the men with wings until now. Captured, it's up to her to set him free. But with a growing number of people on their heels, it won't be easy.

Their bond grows stronger as they struggle to fight those who want to tear them apart. When it's time to say goodbye neither wants to go back to how things were.

Can they stay together when the world says it's forbidden?

The Feathered Lover is a full novel and the first book in the Feathered Trilogy by Author Tabitha Levin


Hold On - Part 1

If there is a rule that everyone seeking a roommate would agree with, it’s that you don’t get involved with someone you live with. Too complicated.

But complicated doesn’t stop Sarah Bennet from agreeing to let the gorgeously sexy Ethan Collier move in. He’s everything she’s not - confident, charming and intense.

The attraction becomes even stronger when she learns about his dark past. She should be running away, but instead she finds herself running toward him.

Falling into bed with Ethan was easy, falling in love is another matter entirely. She’ll need to hold on tight, or this bad boy could break her apart completely.

Part 1 of a 3 part series. Contains a cliffhanger ending.