Tansy Rayner Roberts is a fantasy novelist with a PhD in Classics. Her books include Musketeer Space, The Mocklore Omnibus, Love and Romanpunk and the Creature Court trilogy (Power & Majesty, The Shattered City, Reign of Beasts). She has won the Washington SF Association Small Press Award twice, and is a presenter on two popular podcasts: Galactic Suburbia and Verity!


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Hobgoblin Boots

Welcome to Mocklore, a tiny magical empire where fairy tales are deadly and quests are practically compulsory before you turn eighteen.

Best friends Bounty and Luc leave home to seek their fortunes -- or in Bounty's case, fake it as hard as she can. Once she sets Luc up with a stolen horse and a cushy job as a Famous Hero, she'll be free to figure her own future out without him... right? But Luc isn't so keen to give up on their Dream Team, and the longer Bounty puts off leaving him behind, the harder it gets.

How's a half-hobgoblin girl supposed to find her place in the world if she can't let go of the one boy who's always been by her side?