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Salem's Witches [Preview]

The Dominion of New Wakilork, crown jewel of the Neitherlands, has never been what you'd call safe. Then again, with an autocrat who styles herself “The Dominatrix” while criminals ransack the city, it never had much of a chance.

Its delicate order is threatened when the Church of Quackology opens its doors. Religious and litigious, it brings with it a mountain of lawsuits and disturbing events, including an apparent attempt to wrestle power from the Dominatrix.

To save the day come Salem's Witches, three amateur detectives and chief suspects in a kidnapping case who believe a certain science-fiction cult has a stake in their plight. With their jobs, freedom, and lives at stake, these reluctant heroines must try to restore local order.

For fans of Discworld and Monty Python.