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T.L. Cerepaka is a Texan urban fantasy author and pen name of Timothy L. Cerepaka, who also writes young adult superhero fiction under the pen name Lucas Flint.
Currently, T.L. Cerepaka’s first book, The Vampire Sword, Book 1 of the Vampire Sorceress urban fantasy series, is scheduled for an early 2018 release.
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Teen & Young Adult

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The Last Hunt

Twenty-four-year-old Richard Lee is feared by vampires the world over as the Hunter. As the Hunter, Richard hunts vampires, killing them wherever he finds them and protecting innocent humans from being preyed upon by the monsters he hates.

But when his journeys take him to a small town in Texas, Richard uncovers a plot by a powerful Vampire Lord that he cannot stop himself. He must ally with a good vampire named Lucius in order to put a stop to the Vampire Lord's scheme, though Lucius's motives are mysterious and Richard isn't sure he can trust him.

Yet Richard will have to learn to trust Lucius, because if he doesn't, then everyone in that small town will be sacrificed in a ritual to open the gateway to a dangerous forbidden object banished from Earth 10,000 years ago.