The Clarke and Fairchild series of novels is a result of my passion for international travel and the moral ambiguities of the world of politics. I had the idea for the character of John Fairchild in a moment of homesickness wandering the streets of Beijing, when I really, really wished someone was to hand who spoke the language! On the whole, I’ll be writing about places that I’ve travelled in or near myself. I live in Brighton these days and I’ve undertaken a variety of careers, of which self-published author is the latest.




Gene Desrochers

I've recently read the first two chapters of Ms. Parris' spy thriller. This story wastes no time taking the reader right into a world of espionage. Rose Clarke wants back into "the life" and must convince Fairchild to meet with Walter, a mysterious man who can reinstate Rose's status in the spy world, a world she's addicted to. I'm looking forward to finding out more about the world Parris has built. I like her style and the pacing of this novel.

Conrad Brasso

Parris writes compellingly and with such bold conviction. The plotline draws you in right away. The characters are interesting, in the way real people are when you sit and watch them. You can't stop thinking about them when you're not reading about them. Well worth the time.

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Can a single monk outrun one of the most powerful governments in the world?

Rival British Secret Service outcasts Rose Clarke and John Fairchild each have their own motives for finding Jinpa, a Tibetan monk whose reincarnated identity is of huge political significance. Jinpa has to flee from the Chinese authorities when they discover his secret, and Fairchild follows to try and uncover the truth of his own past. Clarke risks everything to pursue them over the Himalayas. Their perilous journey in extreme conditions takes them all to the limits of their mental and physical endurance and changes them for ever.

The first, utterly addictive title in a brand new series featuring Clarke and Fairchild.


Trade Winds

Businessman, mercenary, manipulator, spy? Everyone has a view about John Fairchild, and his services are often in demand. This time he's in the Philippines, where the comforts of a Manila cocktail bar shield its influential clientele from the threats of rising fundamentalism and an incoming typhoon.

Fairchild is sent to find hostages held by Islamic militants in the remote islands of the south, where lives in the harsh jungle hang in the balance. Fairchild's skills are renowned, but has he under-estimated the determination of a young man who has been wronged?

A short story of over 12,000 words, featuring characters from the Clarke and Fairchild series of thrillers of which the first, Reborn, has recently been published.