Trillian Black is the pen name for an author who believes in happy endings and #whychoose. She thinks steamy scenes should have the doors wide open, and lots of naughty words.
 She runs on coffee, prosecco, kitty cuddles, and puppy hugs (not necessarily in that order). She loves to hear from readers.



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Heart of Magick: The Pentamorous Key Book One

My witchy senses have been tingling from the moment I arrived in adorable seaside Crescent Cove.

Crazy hot and totally mysterious; Jace, Bastian, Dorian and Ethan are the ones who run this town. My magick keeps drawing me to them, but whenever one of them touches me, my power glitches out of control.

After a centuries-long search, the guys believe my powers are a sign that they've found their mate. They say it’s the Pentamorous bond; an ancient spell that joins five souls for eternity. If I accept this fate, we’ll live happily ever after.

Thing is, I don’t believe in fairy tales.

NOTE: The Pentamorous Key series is a Reverse Harem Paranormal Romance trilogy. Medium/Fast burn, #whychoose, and extra steamy.