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From Panic to Passion

The only thing that separates life from death is trust.

Attorney Susan Chapman thought being a prosecuting attorney was tough. Boy had she'd been wrong. When someone starts killing the jurors in the Caravello trial she'd prosecuted, she believes she'll be next. Sure, it's wonderful the FBI has assigned her a super hot bodyguard, but when she finds how he's connected to the Caravello family, she now fears he's trying to kill her.



Poppy has one goal—not to use her goddess magic for two weeks. How hard can it be?

Poppy Faiten, one of the four goddesses of destiny, was stoked to leave town and pretend to be a human for two weeks. The lack of responsibility thrilled her—until Slade LaMont walked into the diner where she was working. Holy moly. Waves of lust and yearning swamped her. But how could that be? A goddess of Fate was supposed to help other mates stay together, not have one herself. But here he was, so thank you, Fate. This dragon shifter was out of this world hot—and she was determined to land him.

Slade took one look at Poppy and fell into instant lust. It didn’t matter his dragon was convinced she was the one for him. He didn’t believe in mates. Besides, he didn’t have time for one. He had a hotel to build—a hotel that might make Poppy walk away.


SAMPLE- Sidearms and Silk

Private investigator Dax Mitchell had more pressing things to do than solve some mystery in small-town Kerry, West Virginia—that was until some sweet old lady begged him to locate her missing friend. Not even a former homicide detective could turn her down.

Deputy Jessie Nash has enough on her hands, and the last thing she needs is an irresistible investigator interfering with her job. After her boss goes missing, Jessie reluctantly turns to Dax for help. Now, they must work together to solve the case. The closer they work, the more intense their desire for one another becomes. As they uncover truths neither wants to face, will it extinguish the passion that burns so deeply between them or make it brighter?


SAMPLE of Black Ops and Lingerie

Mystery or man? Why not both?

This was not Kane Cornell’s lucky day. It was supposed to be a simple protection detail, but when the senator is nowhere to be found, Kane has no choice but to turn to the sexy yet guarded deputy of Savory, Arizona for help.

All Sky Nash wants is to be promoted to detective. When she finds her first dead body, she’s determined to find the killer. She certainly doesn’t need the overly macho and hotter-than-sin private eye taking up her time. She’s the first to admit that Kane’s presence makes it too hard to keep her wits about her. But her determination to solve the case forces her to stick her nose where the US Government doesn’t want her, putting both of their lives in danger.

Can Kane’s love and Special Forces talents save them from a horrible fate?


SAMPLE for Melting Her Wolf's Heart

What must a dark goddess do to win back the heart of the werewolf she betrayed?

Goddess Vinea Summer wants to make amends to hot and sexy Devon McKinnon - the man she knows is her mate, but Devon refuses to accept her apology, damn it. So what's a spurned goddess to do? Giving up is not an option.

As much as he wants to put Vinea out of his mind, Devon’s wolf can't live without her. Her enticing scent, long legs, and sensual allure draws him in like a magic spell. But, for his own sanity, he has to keep her at arm's length. Yeah, right. Try explaining that to a hungry wolf—or a goddess determined to win back her destined mate.

When trouble finds Vinea, Devon quickly discovers he’s willing to risk everything in a life-or-death battle for the woman he loves.


SAMPLE--Her Wolf's Guarded Heart

Protecting beautiful women is one of the perks of being a security expert. But when your wolf insists she's your mate, it can be pure hell. Mate or not, Connor McKinnon is here to do a job, and he means to see it through. His wolf can just go chase his own tail for all he cares.

EmmaLee Donovan's bodyguard might be hotter than sin, but he's stubborn, guarded, and doesn't share her passion for all things paranormal. How ironic is that? He's a shifter for heaven's sake! Not only is he nothing like her abusive ex-boyfriend, the man is absolutely mouthwateringly irresistible.
After she and Connor stumble across the path of a larger-than-life killer, she ends up on a passionate journey of self-discovery that she may not survive.


An Unexpected Diversion

Sometimes the best things in life are unexpected.

Cheyenne Snow has been given an ultimatum by her pack’s Alpha—who unfortunately is her father. Find a shifter husband in the next four months before he retires, or she’ll be forced to marry the unsavory Chuck Lord. Understanding that the odds of her meeting the deadline are slim, Chey decides to go out with a bang and find a human diversion.

When Dr. Storm Durant comes to Hidden Hills, North Carolina, to take over the practice of a retiring physician, he never expects to be immediately drawn to the incredibly smart, sensual, and sassy Cheyenne Snow. He can’t even explain the intense attraction, but he willingly participates when she seduces him.