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My name is Victoria Wallin and I write funny, feelgood romcoms and thrilling crime fiction.

My first romcom is called "A War of Wits" and is an epic love story that starts on the French Riviera in 1938 and ends (?) in the hectic and colder Upper East Side in NYC.

I have also written a series of short stories called the "Detective Patrone Series" with two books so far; ".38 Special" and "Jailbird", centred around hockey fan and dog owner detective Joseph Patrone solving crime. All books are available on Amazon.

My most recent romcom "A Perfect Match" will be released on November 22 on Amazon and deals with the perils of online dating and not being able to hide on social media. It will be hilarious, so check it out!

Feel free to connect on Goodreads and other social media! I love reading and discussing any thing book related!


Historical Romance
Women's Fiction

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.38 Special (Detective Patrone Series Book 1)

The eternal bachelor Detective Joe Patrone can often be found in front of a television set watching a hockey game, a rerun if it’s not hockey season, or out running with his dog Jerry, a large and quiet Rhodesian Ridgeback. If he is not on a case, that is. This devoted cop leaves no stone unturned finding out who the perpetrator is.

In this case, however, Detective Patrone gets his hands full when he is assigned to solve the murder of a successful businessman named Michael Cordell. The victim is shot in his own home, in a nice neighborhood with no witnesses, found by his loving wife Laura. The only piece of evidence is a single bullet of caliber .38 Special, one of the most common cartridges in the world. Could this be the perfect murder?


A December Fling

Rebecka is sad and heartbroken after her boyfriend's betrayal and when she is invited to a Christmas party she is reluctant to go, but her friend drags her there. How bad can it be? Well, pretty bad. The only thing that makes her stay is the awesome music being played, by a hunky DJ. Maybe she could have a fling with him, to get over her ex? People had flings, right?

A heartwarming and funny little Christmas love story that will have you humming on all those Christmas songs, and leave you with the feeling that the world is a pretty wonderful place after all...

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