Writer of supernatural badasses

A proud geek *cough*nerd*cough* who likes fashion, interior design, and sports, Vivian Lane is the author of the Children of Ossiria and Strange Allies series. She lives in California with her cat Scrapper.


Historical Fiction

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I, Paladin sample chapters

The story of how I got drafted into the world-savin’ business isn’t so complicated.

Amelia Thornhill directed a vampire at me.

Turns out, I have a higher calling and I feel horrible every time I have to lie to Mama about my job. It's been the two of us since I was five years old, so leaving home is painful, but Amelia says I put people in danger by staying. Because I’m not a normal girl, there will be no college graduation ceremony, no wedding to a nice man, and no grandbabies for Mama to spoil, but I'll let her hold on to those dreams as long as possible. Making sure she's taken care of always comes first.

How Agent Seven found her calling and turned into a kick-butt chick. This story is a prequel to NEVER TRUST A VAMPIRE. This series is intended for readers 18 and over.


Outcast (Children of Ossiria #1)

OUTCAST follows the journey of a paladin doing his best to keep the people he cares about alive in a world where monsters are real and there's a very good reason to be afraid of the dark. This story is intended for readers 18 and over due to adult language, sexual content, and adult situations.


The First Vampires (Children of Ossiria #0.5)

Jolana has served the Ossirian god of war as a seer for as long as she can remember. When he chooses her to be his instrument of destruction, she devotes herself to the task—starting with young Isa.

Isa is a healer and when Jolana comes into his shop, he knows she is trouble but the beautiful Eridae cannot be resisted. Soon, he is drawn into a war between gods that will alter the universe forever.