Wren Weston grew up writing fantasy and science fiction stories, but one chance book club encounter with a romance novel changed her favorite genre forever.

She became addicted.

Not only can she not stop reading them, she can’t stop injecting shades of the genre into everything she writes.

You have been warned, darlings.


Other (Fiction)

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Forged Absolution (Book #4 - Fates of the Bound )

As a spoiled highborn, Lila Randolph has never gone hungry. But when a newspaper leaks her extralegal activities, she must escape the city without any money. At least until the oracle requests her assistance, forcing Lila to choose between sanctuary and partnering with her ex’s brother.

Tristan DeLauncey has moved on after splitting up with Lila. But after his brother brings her to their apartment, old feelings and annoyances return, especially after she and Dixon begin investigating a case for the oracle.

A case that should have remained with him and his brother.

A case that has pushed Lila and Dixon too close for comfort.

Can the group settle their differences to save the oracle children? Or will their issues condemn the oracle and kickstart a war?


Stolen Lies (Book #2 - Fates of the Bound)

Lila Randolph hates wearing heels, thick makeup, and a fake smile, just to walk the silver carpet. But she’ll brave them and the media to help free a long-lost prince from the auction house.

Tristan DeLauncey has never forgotten the day he stood on the auction house stage as a child, nor can he forget the years spent in the abusive household of those who bought him. He would free every slave if he could, but he only has time to free one.

When an assassin interrupts their plan, the pair learns of a new threat to Saxony and the oracles. But investigating it means they have less time to find a hacker threatening Lila.

Can they stop both plots before Saxony finds out the truth about Lila?

Or will the unresolved tension between them compromise their work?


Barren Vows (Book #3 - Fates of the Bound)

Chief Lila Randolph has always managed her love life as a proper highborn should—indulging in multiple partners while refusing to let any of them into her heart. But somehow, Tristan DeLauncey has broken through.

Due to his past, Tristan has kept well away from the highborn. Unfortunately, he can’t keep away from Lila. Not until she admits she must return to her family’s estate and bear an heir for her matron—an heir who must be born to a highborn male.

Can the pair set aside her duty to finish an investigation into a corrupt puppet master who threatens Saxony?

Or will an ultimatum from Tristan tear them apart and put the future of Saxony at risk?


Disreputable Allies (Book #1 - Fates of the Bound)

Lila Randolph enjoys fast motorcycles, expensive wine, the occasional cigar, and her day job as a highborn militia chief. She also likes tackling extralegal cases at night. As side jobs go, Lila can’t complain. She’ll do whatever it takes to keep Saxony safe.

Tristan DeLauncey grew up as a slave. Raised with the abusive Holguin family, he hates the highborn. Regardless, he’ll partner with Lila if it helps protect the poor—even if he has to use Lila as a distraction for his own investigation.

A distraction that allows their newest quarry to discover her activities in a government server, which could earn her a hangman's noose.

Can Lila move past Tristan’s betrayal so they can identify the hacker and save Saxony?

Or will they kill each other first?