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Xina Marie Uhl spends her days laboring in obscurity as a freelance writer for various educational projects and dreaming of ways to scrounge up enough cash to: 1. travel the world, and 2. add to her increasing menagerie of dogs, cats, and other creatures. The rest of the time she writes humorous titles such as The Cat's Guide to Human Behavior and fantasy novels like Necropolis, The Gauntlet Thrown and The Challenge Accepted, Books One and Two of the Gauntlet Trilogy.
A deep and abiding interest in history has prompted her to tackle romantic historical adventures with a strong sense of the quirky.
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Whiter Pastures

Reluctant spinster Florance Barton fled to the British Antarctic base to escape a scandalous love affair. Amidst the handful of other women there, Florance is the perfect chambermaid, meek, mild, and forgettable. No one has a clue that she’s also a novice spy.
When handsome young Handy McHanagan arrives at the base, he sets everyone agog. He’s charming, artistic, and ... an accomplished gardener. His arrival may be a mistake on the part of naval command. Or is it something more sinister?
Killer seals and subzero ice storms and aren’t the only danger in Antarctica: a enemy spy is on the loose. Florance has been ordered to choose between queen and country and her heart. Because penguin is off the menu now--and murder is its replacement.


A Fairy Tail and Out of the Bag

This light-hearted short story duo is sure to make you smile, chortle, and outright laugh.

"A Fairy Tail" follows the desperate adventures of Sir Craig as he works to rescue his beloved from a fiendish sorcerer. However, Boots, a ragged young man who has a habit of shapechanging into various creatures including a unicorn, is a rival for fair Gregoria's hand. Will Craig rescue Gregoria? Will Boots get to eat apples out of Gregoria's hand? Or will darker forces intervene to keep these lovers apart?

"Out of the Bag" is a short short story, but long on imagination. Jason the cop expects a normal day on the force, but a chance encounter on a breaking and entering call changes everything.


The Ruling Elite and Other Stories

In The Ruling Elite and Other Stories by Xina Marie Uhl and Janet Loftis you’ll find a collection of six short stories that fuses fantasy with history and anthropology by two of XC Publishing’s most talented authors.

Hidden within the pages are: a slave-mercenary struggling to save the life of his mistress; a palace guard defending his city against the destroyer of prophecy; a wanderer who brings more than just past grief into the lives of four sisters; two men who go on a dangerous hunt to kill the witches destroying their village; an outcast trying to outwit the village oracle and get justice for her murdered mother; and a captain who discovers how high the cost is to return the dead to their rightful homes.