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I am YaYa Blassingame, an indie fiction author that loves all things supernatural/paranormal. And that is exactly what you will find in all the books that I write. Some people may call my writing magical realism. I tend to write in all sub-genres of supernatural fiction. If you enjoy that type of stuff then we are going to get along very well. :-)



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Deception (A Supernatural Romantic Mystery)

Three years ago, Ireland Black said goodbye to her Georgia hometown and the constraints her wealthy family put on her. When her lifelong best friend Penelope is murdered, she’s forced to return to Cannon Bay, revisit old wounds, and face the loss of her only ally. The bond Ireland and Penelope shared was deeper than friendship. Their secret pact made it so they could feel each other’s emotions. Those feelings intensified the night Penelope was murdered. Ireland’s return home has put her on heightened alert. Someone close by is involved in the brutal murder, but will Ireland’s paranormal connection to Penelope help or hinder her ability to find the truth?