Yvonne Carder is a Young Adult Fantasy Author that has written a short story called 'Star Flame: A Story from the Meclaucks Kingdom', and she is currently editing her first in series novel 'Luminata: A Meclauks Kingdom Novel' which is planned for release in 2017.

Yvonne lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband Kevin, and her 3 cats, Princess Pumpkin Doodle, Nichademus, and Barracuda Bob. Yvonne has a love for animals that she strives to show in her work.

She has lived in California since 1982 when she and her parents emigrated from Germany. Most of her family is still in Germany with the exception of some of her Dad's family in the Midwest. Her roots in Germany are something that she is very proud of and it influences her writing.

Yvonne has been involved in the arts since a young child when she joined the school bands, choir, poetry club, and the art club at her high school. She has had poems published including 'tHE wORLD uP-sIDE dOWN' in Behind the Eye Las Positas College Anthology Number 16, 'The Black Trail' in Anthology of Poetry by Young Americans 1995 edition, and 'Wilderness Pond' in The Garden of Life by the National Library of Poetry. Yvonne has also won a scholarship for her fine art paintings. When she's not creating visual arts you can find her singing loudly in her car, or with a local choir and performing at their concerts.

She is a proud member of the California Writers Club: Tri-Valley Branch, and the Alliance of Independent Authors.


Teen & Young Adult


Dawn Husted

Beautiful and engaging! Yvonne Carder paints a charming picture of a fae’s mystical journey, hoping to become a guardian. Can’t wait to find out what happens next at the castle!

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Star Flame

Would you put your future in jeopardy just to impress your friends?

Opal wants to be an Oak Fae Guardian. In order to do that she must make sacrifices and earn the trust of the Elders. Opal has to harness more power than she's ever done and prove that she's capable of being the youngest Guardian that the council has ever elected.

But sometimes you just need to blow off a little steam, and showing off for your friends does the trick. Plunging toward the earth while blazing like a star is the best way Opal knows how to do both.

But will that jeopardize her becoming a Guardian?

Join Opal in this short story from the Meclauks Kingdom, as she proves she's got what it takes to be an Oak Fae Guardian.