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Science Fiction

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A vignette from trapped.

This is a vignette from the final book in the the Adam Fitzgerald Serialized Novel.

Jarome is not the first victim of the plague, nor is he the worst off, but he has definitely figured out how to use it to his advantage.


Adam Fitzgerald: The Complete Serialized Novel

A medical miracle big pharm didn't want exposed.
A crushing betrayal...
And manipulation of clinical trials, all lead to the coming apocalypse.
Only one person can stop it... but he can't do it in one piece.


Lazarus Coleps

Adam’s lifesaving discovery is about to destroy his life.

It isn’t Adam’s fault that he is six hours late for his date with the lovely Emma Caseton. He’s dead. Or at least, he was. After waking up in a morgue freezer completely free of injury, he isn’t so sure what he is anymore.

Emma, the most brilliant biological studies student at the University of Minnesota he knows, just might be the one to help him figure it out…if she can forgive him for being late to their date.

Now alone with nothing but a borrowed hospital gown, Adam has to resort to desperate measures to reach Emma and discover what brought him back.

Lazarus Coleps is the introductory novella of the Adam Fitzgerald serialized biological thriller by the emerging author of contemporary science fiction NT Jenks.