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Bestselling historical fiction author, P. O. Dixon, is a great admirer of Historical England and its fascinating days of yore. She, in particular, loves the Regency period with its strict mores and oh so proper decorum. Her ardent appreciation of Jane Austen's timeless works set her on the writer's journey. Visit and find out more about Dixon's writings.

Books in Order of Publication:

To Have His Cake (and Eat It Too) - Pride and Prejudice Untold Book1
What He Would Not Do - Pride and Prejudice Untold Book 2
He Taught Me to Hope - Darcy and the Young Knight's Quest Book 1
Still a Young Man: Darcy is in Love
The Mission: He Taught Me to Hope Christmas Vignette - Darcy and the Young Knight's Quest Book 2
Bewitched, Body and Soul: Miss Elizabeth Bennet
Matter of Trust: The Shades of Pemberley
Love Will Grow
Lady Harriette: Fitzwilliam's Heart and Soul - Pride and Prejudice Untold Book 3
Only a Heartbeat Away
Almost Persuaded: Miss Mary King
A Lasting Love Affair: Darcy and Elizabeth - A Darcy and Elizabeth Love Affair Book 1
Pride and Sensuality
Hope and Sensibility - Darcy and the Young Knight's Quest Book 3
Expecting His Proposal
A Tender Moment
'Tis the Season for Matchmaking - A Darcy and Elizabeth Love Affair Book 2
Lady Elizabeth - Everything Will Change Book 1
So Far Away - Everything Will Change Book 2
To Refuse Such a Man
As Good as a Lord
Dearest, Loveliest Elizabeth: Pride and Prejudice Continues
Impertinent Strangers
Miss Elizabeth Bennet: Where the Heart Lives
By Reason, by Reflection, by Everything
Irrevocably Gone
Designed for Each Other


Historical Fiction
Historical Romance

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Bewitched, Body and Soul

Determined to right a wrong against her family, Elizabeth ventures to town to reunite her sister with her lover. In so doing, will she end up losing her own heart?

Darcy realizes it will take more than time and distance to erase the memory of the beguiling country miss. When she arrives unescorted on his doorstep, will he help her? Or will he soon discover he is in grave danger of falling as much in love with her as ever before?

And what of his best friend's younger sister who has long had Darcy in her sights? Will Darcy pursue the young lady who meets Society's expectations of just what the next mistress of Pemberley ought to be or will he follow his heart?