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Prequel To The Solitary Soldiers Series

This book features three short prequels that take place immediately before the start of each book in the series. It's a way to introduce you to the heroes and hopefully whet your appetite for more.


Spring Passion

~ Seasons ~
When I decided to become an escort in order to avoid eviction, I thought I was crazy. I never could have guessed it would lead to a year of discovering who I am, and meeting four incredible men who helped me grow with each passing season.

Book 1 ~ Spring Passion

Jack Montgomery was nothing like the man I expected to meet when he contacted me though the escort website I’d signed up for. He was young, hot and confident. He offered me a deal; three months pretending to be his girlfriend so he could secure his financial future. The pay was more than I saw in years, and throwing caution to the wind I accepted. My contract didn't include sex, but after one evening with the tall, handsome and dominant man who hired me, I couldn't deny how much I wanted him.