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Look But Don't Touch

Nicholas Ford, a successful club owner in his mid-thirties, decided a while back to deny his Daddy nature in order to follow his family’s advice and settle down. The day before he is to attend his girlfriend’s sister’s wedding, he makes an appearance at his BDSM club and runs into Kayla, a bubbly Little Girl who captures his undivided attention.

Look but don’t touch, Nicholas tells himself. What he doesn’t know is that Kayla’s in town to go to her cousin’s wedding…




Will Adrian ever get that our girl can be a troll? Probably not. In his eyes, Thea can do no wrong. You'd think since he works with kids he’d see the difference between her anxiety issues and a well-planned tantrum to get what she wants, but whatever. I can be the disciplinarian, I guess. He’ll continue to make funny faces with her and tell her to be good, and I’ll make sure it happens. Like a boss.

My li’l gangsta isn’t the reason I lose sleep a couple days of the week, though. It’s work. Wednesdays and Thursdays can blow me. On the flipside, it feels good to have these mundane problems. Makes me feel normal. Of course, that’s until my buddy tells me I’ve waited long enough and it’s time to turn my boyfriend into my husband. Then I'm losing sleep because I'm a head case of nerves.



Julian, The Noah Outtakes

Noah outtakes in Julian's point of view.