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Women's Fiction

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His Favorite Mermaid

Tess Driscoll’s favorite things: her greeting card company, her beloved employees, and a self-proclaimed mermaid named Maybee.
Gabe Morales’s favorite things: writing bestsellers, romancing the ladies, and most important of all, exposing the truth.
To keep her company from going belly-up, Tess returns to Maybee and her old tricks as a con man’s daughter to win the Key West house of her dreams. Turns out Casa Corazon should have been named Casa Craptastic, so maybe Maybee has a more important end game in mind. But Tess doesn’t have time to indulge her libido or her heart in the mysteriously familiar, oh-so-hot nephew of the casa’s former owner. Besides, what would a good man like Gabe want with a con man’s daughter?


Midnight Blues

Addie Raintree has every reason to believe rock legend David Landry has stolen her song. But David insists he wrote the tune, his biggest hit in years. When the two call a truce to collaborate, Addie finds more than a mentor in David, who proves to be the sexy, loving remedy for her midnight blues.

How can Addie be just another in a long line of swindlers when she’s everything David craves? She could be the real thing: talent, beauty, and a gift for making him feel like he’s finally found home. There's just one problem: that damned stolen song. Will either be willing to sacrifice what it takes to make love stay?

MIDNIGHT BLUES hits just the right chord with readers who love cozy cabin/small town settings and hot rock star romance reads.