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Science Fiction

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In the Shadow of Dragons (Sample)

Enjoy a sneak peek preview of IN THE SHADOW OF DRAGONS, book 1 in the brand new Aftermagic series...

A Knight who's losing faith, a doctor who's losing hope, and a rebel who's losing the war may be the world's last chance for survival.

Six years after dragons came to the earth, the magic they left behind has become an insidious infection, gradually turning people into mythological creatures. A drug called HeMo, produced by the powerful Bishop Corporation, can stop or slow this process. Still, once a year, a worldwide Eclipse and an intense surge of magic puts everyone at risk for Changing completely.

But the Darkspawn, a small group of magic-using rebels, are determined to end BiCo's stranglehold on magic. Because HeMo isn't curing people -- it's changing them into something worse.


Demon's Song

A demon’s job is to corrupt as many souls as possible. But for Jaeryth, there’s only one soul he wants: Logan Frost, a Prophet in waiting. When his obsession with her affects his performance, he's stripped of his demonic status and sent on one final mission: turn Logan to Hell’s side, or kill her. An eternity of torture awaits him if he fails.

Logan, a struggling singer and recovering addict, has no idea she’s destined to change the world. But she’s hallucinating black-eyed spirits that no one else sees -- and then she meets Jaeryth, who can see them too. He quickly becomes her anchor to sanity.

But as the legions of Hell fight harder to destroy Logan, they face impossible choices... and one must make the ultimate sacrifice to save the other, and the world.