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The Cleaner, Tales of Old York City

Deep in the corrupt heart of Old York City, only fearless Jack from the little town of Beanstalk can save a princess whose lost her identity and her kingdom.

Bright lights, big city, and a ton of criminals: that's just the way Jack Stonehart likes it. Easier to see the villains in the glare of neon lights. Easier to find them, burn their spellbooks, and kill the orcs and giants they control.
One bad day with a gold harp and Jack is on the run. Even worse, there's a client in need, a woman who can't remember her own name or why her horse can talk. A potbelly pig, some geese, a golden egg and some very angry giants are about to make Jack's world a snare not even a beanstalk can fix!


Daggers In The Dark: The Uncertain Life of A Vampire Hunter, Book One

Valen Kildrake has a problem:
Vampires are real,
and they are very hungry.

Armed with ancient spells, weapons of pure silver, holy water, and deep-dish pizza,
Valen hunts down the monsters,
confronting death in battle after battle.
But he is only one man against a horde.

Worse, his enemies are getting smarter and bolder.
What will he do when a new force of unknown power appears?
Who can he trust when other hunters hide secrets of their own?
Clever vampires are winning the ancient war against
the razor-sharp blades of the trained warriors of Mars Alator.
One by one, skilled Hunters are dying.

When a mysterious woman crosses his path of destruction,
Valen must decide between honor and hope, between life and death.
And so must she.
And what they choose will change the war.