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Good Son

Piper Gray has spent most of his life running from his problems. He figures the best way to be happy is to avoid emotional entanglements. Have sex. Move on. That’s his recipe for a long and fulfilling life. But when he gets word his estranged mother is dying, he’s pressured by his sister Trina to come home and help out. Since he needs to get out of Los Angeles anyway to avoid getting beat up by one of his lover’s boyfriends, he agrees to come home.
Sam Peterson is the manager of The Lazy Lemon restaurant and bar. When Piper applies for a job bartending there the two men have an immediate and undeniable sexual connection. But Sam is grieving the death of his sister and isn’t usually impulsive the way Piper is. However Piper can be persuasive and the two men give into their lust one night.