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Science Fiction

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A Touch of Death: PREVIEW

Even a powerful leader needs a champion by her side…

Alexa Darkmore is feared by all. The potent blood running through her veins from a long line of witches has combined with her vampire abilities to produce a terrifying power – the ability to kill with a touch. She never imagined life could be worse than living with such a curse, except living without it.

Vulnerable for the first time in her life, she cannot save her people without the help of a champion. But what if the one man who can help her is the one man who broke her heart?

Brendan Cardon was once human. Before the alien shapeshifters took him. After countless years of experiments, he’s convinced they’ve destroyed everything that made him human. However, nothing will stop him from protecting Alexa and saving innocent lives.



Angel Warrior: The Complete Series

This is the story of a lonely woman scientist with an invention that makes her the target for every demon in Hell.

It sounds like the start of a novel, right? Unfortunately, it isn't. Now I'm on the run, trying to gather the last of my research before the demons get their claws on it. Or me.

I do have one saving grace, Brion, the sexy guardian angel assigned to protect me. He's convinced me I might stay alive long enough to make a difference.

***The Angel Warrior complete series includes all five serials and is over 50,000 words.***



Alien Warrior: Serials 1-5: An Alien Rogue Romance (Starflight Academy)

Hannah Stowe has a plan for her life: to join the small group of women who have commanded a Level 10 Starship. In order to achieve that dream, she needs to graduate from the best Starflight Academy with honors. Easy? Right?


Because of her unique abilities from a surgery gone wrong, she’ll always have unpleasant, dangerous responsibilities. So when the alien male, Liam Fallow, steps off his ship, Hannah knows she can’t afford another distraction.

But no matter how hard she tries, the pull of attraction between them is impossible to resist.

As their relationship deepens, Hannah's torn between her responsibilities and the powerful connection she feels with the handsome alien. Yet, when she finds herself in danger, it isn’t her training that could save her, but their love.


Inhibition: The Werewolf's Claim (Secret Desire Book 1)

Secret Desire is the new hottest club in town for werewolves, vampires, witches, humans, and anyone else who likes a good time. But be cautious of their specialty drinks, a few sips may just unleash your deepest desire…

Cassandra is used to swinging her bad-ass swords around town, keeping the population of her big city safe from magical criminals of every kind. But for all her moves as a fighter, she can’t seem to be more than coworkers with her sexy werewolf partner Ethan.

When she heads out to a new club in town, and the old witch hands her a drink called Inhibition, there’s no way to prepare herself for what comes next. But one thing is for sure, it’s bound to be the best night of her life. And Ethan’s.

*** Inhibition is a short romance at around 6,000 words.***


Alien Mating Frenzy: Serials 1-5

Syri Moro wants nothing more than to leave The Garden of Virtue and join her mate Rayden Oshier in their new life joined together. But when at last he calls for her, she discovers nothing is as it seems. Instead of entering her mating frenzy and being locked away in the arms of the man she loves, she finds herself thrown into a dangerous and confusing new world.

Rayden has gone to the little blue planet and vanished. If she cannot find him in time, she may be forced to mate another male, losing the person she loves forever. So, she alone must follow his course to the strange planet, hoping against all odds that she discovers him alive and before it’s too late.

But even if she discovers him, Syri and Rayden will need to be prepared for the fight of their lives if they hope to claim their