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Burning Love - Sneak Peek

Silas Shaw set Nashville on fire, then walked away. Determined to take back his life and get the girl, he put his wayward band members on hold and headed back to Texas. In hot pursuit of his hometown love, Whitney Harris, will Silas' romance spark or crash and burn? Can his music and band withstand his absence, or will his personal journey send his career up in flames?

Whitney Harris was left high and dry two years ago when her first and only love, Silas Shaw, left Fort Mavis to chase his dreams. When the newly anointed country music star blows back into town for Thanksgiving, she decides to give him one more chance. Will she be able to handle the heat or get burned again?

See what sparks fly in this heartfelt romantic adventure... BURNING LOVE.


Daring to Begin Again - Sneak Peek