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Knick Knack Paddy Whack

A Paedophile Priest, A Vengeful Nun, A Brilliant Detective

Elizabeth Murphy never recovered from the abuse received from paedophile priest, Padraig O’Leary. For thirty years she has travelled the world as a Nun, seeking justice and retribution against paedophiles wherever they might be; freeing them from their physical bodies and sending them to God for the ultimate judgement.

Just when she thought he was out of her reach, an opportunity presents itself for her to cleanse one final soul. With the aid of her Machiavellian brother, who has his own motives, a plan is devised for seeking vengeance against the now Cardinal O’Leary.

Only one man, Portuguese detective, Luc Bruget stands in her way. Can he piece together the clues before it is too late .