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Historical Fiction

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Lockeran sample April 2017-A

Prince Ciaran the Damned: mercenary, bodyguard, warrior, assassin; whatever pays best for a man with the Sight. Kings and warlords both covet his Gift and fear it.

Ciaran beats off the assassins that boy-king Clovis sent instead of reward, steals the royal treasure and heads to Spain for a well-earned rest. Fate has other ideas; his destiny is in Britain, the Battle of the Winwaed, where King Penda of Mercia faces Oswy of Northumbria.

Unaware that he’s carrying an Apple of Discord, Ciaran is threatened from the Otherworld: “When you play the Blood-Red Game, you will lose!” Defeat means total obliteration – or even worse: to be trapped in his own torments, a Lockeran, lost to this world, adrift in the Other.

This sample includes 4 chapters, Author’s Notes and 2 maps.