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Science Fiction

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Into Twilight

He’s always done the government’s dirty work.

But when he’s double-crossed by one of his own, the only mission he has left is revenge.

When a mole betrays Stefan Mendoza’s black-ops team, he survives months of torture before escape. His body may be irrevocably damaged, but the desire for vengeance keeps him going.

In exchange for cybernetic implants, Mendoza accepts a contract to assassinate a rising political star. But he’s not the only piece in play—other assassins are also gunning for his target. The deeper he digs, the more tangled he becomes in a sinister conspiracy that reaches far beyond the original betrayal of his team.

Can Mendoza exact his revenge and win his freedom, or will he spiral deeper into the twisted corruption?



The Journey Home

He’s the grandson of a Cree shaman. She’s the granddaughter of a Berber marabout. Gifted with powerful connections to the spirits but refusing their callings. Elliot and Tammy don’t believe in the teachings of their elders. The two of them just want to live normal lives, to be like any other teen.

But you can’t escape your destiny.

And when they leave the creepy old mansion that was their home for half their lives, they find themselves pursued by the very same horrific powers they swore couldn’t possibly be real.

The Journey Home is book one of The Chain, a suspenseful new dark contemporary fantasy series.