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The Feedback Loop (Box Set)

Stuck in an online world, Quantum Hughes lives his days on repeat, fighting the same NPCs and playing out the same story line every day. Then he receives a message from an actual human player, his first message in two years, which sparks an adventure across online fantasy worlds the likes of which he could have never imagined.

Suddenly Quantum is taking on a murder guild known as the Reapers, riding dragons across floating continents, using steam-powered robots to battle enemies as tall as skyscrapers, and equally important -- talking smack and backing it up with his vast inventory list of ridiculous guns and clever weapons.

The Reapers are hunting Quantum Hughes online and in the real world, but they’ll soon learn the hard way that Quantum won’t back down without a fight.


Welcome to the Proxima Galaxy!

Three complete books -- discover the Proxima Galaxy now!

The Feedback Loop -- "What if Ready Player One was a multi-part epic?" Join Quantum Hughes and his quest to battle the Reapers and free himself from a gritty, online noir world. An eight book series, the Feedback Loop is for fans of Phillip K. Dick and Kurt Vonnegut.

Fantasy Online Hyperborea: "The futuristic, adult-rated, JPRG universe gamers have been waiting for;sure to take the LitRPG genre by storm!" --Apollos Thorne, author of Underworld Level Up or Die.

"A good guy goes bad for the best of reasons--blood-drenched player-killer revenge. Harmon Cooper doesn't disappoint with his most captivating yarn in the Proxima Universe to date. Don't miss it!" --Eric Nylund, New York Times bestselling author of HALO: The Fall of Reach.


Fantasy Online: Hyperborea (sample)

Nineteen-year-old Ryuk Matsuzaki and his best friend Tamana decide to start over with new avatars. When Tamana is suddenly killed right in front of him in a Tokyo subway, Ryuk knows there is only one place he can search for answers –Tritania, the world’s most popular online fantasy world. Standing in his way are a mysterious guild known as the Shinigami, and his older brother, a Yakuza crime lord hell-bent on squashing his dreams.

As a lowly Ballistics Mage, Ryuk must quickly recruit guild members, level up, loot and shoot his way across Tritania to discover the dark and sinister secret behind Tamana’s untimely death. Joining him in his quest are a famous Swedish gamer, a powerful half-dragon half-human female assassin, and a devious ax-wielding goblin.


Welcome to the Proxima Galaxy, Vol 1

Three complete books from Harmon Cooper! Contains Fantasy Online Hyperborea, The Feedback Loop, and The Last Warrior of Unigaea.