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Lottie Saves the Bees

Lottie Saves the Bees

Lottie is suffering from explosive sneezes. It’s that time of year when the pollen count is so high she wishes her twitching nose and itchy-scratchy eyes could be sent to Planet Zog. Perhaps she can find some relief at her Grandparent’s house in Cornwall. Nana has a strange phone call from her old school friend, Professor Molly O’Hara. It’s important that she meets Lottie at the Eden Project to discuss ‘The Secret Bee Project.’ Lottie must find ‘The Biggest Nastypalaian’ in the world. It’s the only solution to the devastating problem.
Lottie and her best friend Amy have only seven days to find it. Nana is in charge of driving the camper van…extremely scary!
The weird and totally bizarre mission throughout Europe begins.