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Into My Silhouette: Discovering the Dark

She was tired of boring. He’s anything but. Will a new life of ecstasy be too much to handle? Becca is a lonely empty nester who’s ready to start dating again. The only problem is that every man who comes into her life bores her to tears… until she meets John. He’s sophisticated and sexy, and he brings her into a new world of indulgence that is utterly satisfying in every way possible. As she learns more about her mysterious new beau and his secret society, Becca opens herself up completely. John’s voyeuristic tendencies ignite Becca’s passion, and his love of bondage takes her to a whole new level of sexuality. But when her dream life suddenly turns into her worst nightmare, Becca second-guesses everything John offers. Unsure of her next move, she’ll need to make a choice.



Hot Flashes of Life

Hot Flashes of Life, is a sometimes whimsical, sometimes thought provoking, always entertaining, whirlwind tour of life seen through the author's globe trotting short stories. This book features two of Rachel’s favorite genres, Creative Non-Fiction and Flash Fiction. Flash Fiction is quite simply a very short story. But this genre fuels heated debate over word count with proponents voicing opinions from 50 to 1,500 words. The fun part is this genre has become a literary necessity in our modern, 24/7, on-to-go society. Read, enjoy, and remember when.