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Women's Fiction

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When Hearts Fall

When Gabrielle and her friends go on a bachelorette cruise, the first thing she's looking for is a fun time with friends. The last thing she's looking for is a relationship. As the only single one in the group, her friends gently nudge her to make male friends.

Kevin and his friends are on a cruise to get to the International Speedboat races in Nassau, but when he and his friends are seated at the same table for dinner with four beautiful women, well his three married friends encourage him to seek out the single female from that group.

When fate and their friends conspire to get Gabrielle and Kevin together, they both find out they really like each other and sparks begin to fly. can a relationship survive the ideal settings of a cruise ship?



A Kiss Away

Mollie hasn't been able to find a nice guy...yet. When her friends suggest online dating, well, she was willing to give it a try.

So a computer matched up her profile to some guys profile. Right! The profile matched things not emotions. Right?

Dan's willing to give online dating a try. Meet some nice women. Why not?

When Mollie and Dan meet, there's a connection and maybe a past?