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Five Secrets

Reporter Cattleya Hoskin learns her ex, Ulric, is missing leaving only a coded message the police can't decipher. Digging deeper, she learns he and her cohort, Pgh PI Lupa Schwartz, had been trying to covertly unravel a centuries-old scheme. Conspirators found him out and drove Ulric underground. Complicating matters, a mystery woman with a tale of peril linking her to the same nefarious plot.
To protect the client and Ulric, Catt and Schwartz delve into the mysteries of sacred geometry and a genetic line tracing back to Charlemagne and beyond. Now the pair must work together to expose an ancient secret or be thwarted by agents of a shadow government that’s been secretly operating since Mesopotamia.
Succeed, they’ll topple an empire. Fail, and usher in the New World Order.