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The Warping - Full Disclosure Preview

Ana lives in a perfect world, and she's tired of hiding her flaws...

"I come from a long line of warrior fae, but I’ve got no powers. Thank Odin, school is almost over, and soon I’ll be hitting the trail, hiking with my friends before college starts. Trouble is, not everyone is happy with our modern utopia, and trouble is brewing. When I wander into a secret enemy camp, can I save the people I care about? After all, I’m just one shy, powerless girl. Or am I?"

THE WARPING is the first book in the YA fantasy series, Full Disclosure, bringing together the best elements of Ellis Logan’s alien-hybrid and fae-filled Starseeds & Inner Origins series with a diverse main cast. If you liked Shannara, The Mortal Instruments, Mind Readers, or Wild, you'll love The Warping.


Song Walker - Starseeds PREVIEW

There’s a new world coming where your thoughts aren’t always your own. Will you fight to free your mind?

Callie Winters is just a regular rock star playing drums in a band, until a lunar eclipse awakens strange abilities in her and an ancient secret organization seeks her out. Who can she trust? No one is safe, but maybe, the power of song can light the way to freedom.

Best-selling paranormal fantasy author Ellis Logan delves deep into the world of urban fantasy with her new psyops action thriller series, Starseeds.


Shades of Valhalla - Inner Origins Book One

Magic. Mayhem. One girl to save the world, or end it…
Siri Alvarsson is in a race against the Dark to rescue humanity. Experience her struggle and triumph while she learns to follow her heart and discovers her true, inner origins.
In Shades of Valhalla, Siri’s adventure begins as she moves to a new town with her mom, meets a gorgeous guy she’d like to trust, and starts strange visions. Suddenly, she’s thrust into an unseen war going on between the Light and the Dark and a world she never even knew existed.
The futures of humanity, the fae, and the entire planet all depend on Siri. Both sides need her to win the war. Which side will she choose?
Ellis Logan’s bestselling paranormal fantasy series, Inner Origins, is action-packed with magic and romance.