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Lila's Loves

Found in a damp, cold alley at the age of seven, Lila’s life was transformed when she met Clay
Richards and his three adopted sons.
Years later Lila leaves the home she loves, heartbroken, knowing her love for Gavin, Trace, and Colin
will never be reciprocated. They saw her as a little sister, not a woman. Certainly not their woman.
Gavin, Trace, and Colin long ago decided there was only one woman for them. They made a big
mistake when they let her go, they won’t be making that mistake again.
When they get some devastating news, the four of them are pulled back together. And no one, not a
greedy mother or a crazy stalker will come between them again.

Welcome to Haven, where the men are handsome, sexy and overprotective, and where their women
are the center of their world.



Make Me Sir Chapter One


Just For You, Sir