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Dust to Dust 1: Fangs For Your Memories

The afterlife bites. Hard.
Soul Eaters sliced up Tamsin West's soul like birthday cake, dooming her to dust. Only dust is not the end. By finding a body at the point of death, Tamsin can live again. There's just one catch: that body can't have a human soul.
Jumping into a murdered Faerie Vampire aristocrat is everything a lost spirit on the vengeance trail could hope for. Just the sort of magical edge Tamsin needs to track her murderers.
Unfortunately, as a person, this Vamp’s only power seems to have been to piss people off. Bad people. The kind looking to kill her all over again.


Knight Shift

Dead or alive, magic is a harash master. Knight Shift is a novel of cruel and unusual magic. A fast-moving contemporary dark fantasy of East and West, Mortal World and Faerie, where often the only choices left are bad ones.
 For two thousand years Killian has hunted the spirit who murdered him and burned his family alive. Trading his soul for a second chance, Killian serves as a Knight Divinus Mortem, Knight of the Divine Death. A warrior bound for eternity to the great Daemon Council who secretly rule us all. Knights battle demons to save certain, singular human souls destined for rebirth. Killian is interested in only one soul. And he has no intention of saving it. 



There are no zombies in this apocalypse, but there are monsters here. In Skylar Christensen's America, negative is good. Positive is bad. Much of the world's population has been wiped out in the Blood Plagues. Only Negatives, people with negative blood types, are immune.
Skylar, like every Negative her age, undergoes military training after school. Patrolling at night for Hemogoblin blood gangs. Life isn't so bad. Sky has a future. Until Hugo St. James comes to school. Hugo brings so many firsts: first crush; first kiss; first murder; first charge of treason.
The young British aristocrat pulls Sky into a world of blackmarket blood, international conspiriacy, and government-bred genetic mutations. Accused of treason, Sky must join the enemy to save the people she loves.


Fear Club: The Masquerade

Sometimes your only choices are bad ones.
New city. New country. Lonely Lexie Carpenter finds a club online. Welcoming, beautiful, people. But they are monsters. They rip out her soul, dividing it into three pieces as prizes in the Club's occult lottery. Left for dead, Lexie is resurrected by a silver-haired young sorcerer. How ironic that he is a monster as well and may want to kill her himself.
Lexie's paranormal learning curve quickly becomes slippery with the blood of demons and the damned. And in the battle for the first piece of her soul, Lexie learns the betrayals go blood deep.