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I first picked up a pen with with dreams of writing at the age of 12. Sitting at a little desk in front of my bedroom window, I wrote (by hand with pencil and paper) my first novel. It wasn’t very good, but I’d never been more proud of anything in my life. I’ve been writing ever since, and have found a love of romantic stories both sweet and sensual.

When I’m not wrangling my three rambunctious kids, or spending time with my retired Army husband, I’m stretching the imagination with stories of people from all walks of life (and worlds) falling in love.

I love coffee, chocolate, music (listening and singing), shoes, jewelry, and food! I am always in the kitchen whipping up something new or watching the pros do it on TV. You can often find my characters eating or cooking something delish and sucking down mass quantities of coffee.


Historical Romance

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Fight for Vengeance (Operation Underworld: Melody and Mateo Book 1) PREVIEW

A half demon serial killer took everything from him. Now he has nothing left ... except a quest for vengeance. But when he meets a woman who connects to his case, Mateo's world will be turned upside down ... leaving him faced with a choice between pursuing vengeance or love.



When Lady Gwendolyn of House Toustain first lays eyes on her prisoner, one thing about him is abundantly clear: Sir Caden of Daleraia is a dangerous man. Yet, she must show him no fear. The longer he remains in her clutches, the more Gwen realizes that though she has him chained, she is the one who has been captured.


The Guardians

In the war between Heaven and Hell, a special race of humans with supernatural abilities will represent the balance between darkness and light. They are known as The Guardians. Fighting alongside two Guardians, Addison must uncover the legendary Seal of Solomon—a ring that is said to possess the power to destroy demons, and wield it against the enemies of Heaven.

As his task to protect her develops into something more, Jack will find separating his job from his personal life nearly impossible. Ignoring the dangers of becoming too attached, Jack will find that a woman whose very nature should repulse him, might just be his saving grace.