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Sanctum: The Black Dogs MC

This MC took me in when no one else would. It was the only real family I’ve ever known. Her asking me to leave was BS, but then disappearing without even saying goodbye was much worse.
I was done with Maggie, right then and there.
5 years. 5 years of anger, pain and regret. 5 years to move on and forget.
And 5 seconds to get sucked back in.

I have no right coming back here for help. Not after the way I left everything - the way I left Jase.
But what choice do I have? I’m dead if I don’t.
I’ve made so many bad choices in my life. Caused so much pain. Maybe I deserve what’s coming to me. What right do I have putting Jase, my father, and the whole MC in danger just to help me?
The MC is Jase’s sanctum, and I may not deserve it, but I’m praying that it can now become mine.