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Science Fiction
Teen & Young Adult

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The Death Run

Four contestants: Emma, Glen, Myles, and Zackary.

Skills: Using a cross bow, killing, close combat, and evasion.

The day has finally come that a drawing is made for the next contestants to compete in the death run. They have all trained hard for this day, but only one will leave with their life. This race is meant for the strong, and only the strong will survive. Either way, at the end of the race, all contestants will be free whether it is in death or through the Forge Facility’s open doors


Descendant of The Dammed

I was a descendant of the damned, destined for unfortunate things.

It was just that simple, and for a long time, I accepted it.

But when my leader gave me a thirteen year old girl named Jackie and forced me into guardianship, things seemed to lose their simplicity.

I was a hunter and a killer. Not a babysitter, and I had lost too much in my life to risk getting attached to her.

And yet, the more time we spent together, the more I began wanting things that I couldn't have.

Things like a family. Things like a better life for the two of us.

I should've known the gods would never allow me happiness.



The Hunters

Magic is unclean. Witches are unclean. Wizards are unclean. Beasts are unclean.

All must be exterminated to cleanse the world of impurity….

That was what we were taught, and for a long time, that was what we believed. Even with the magic coursing through our veins.

But now we had questions.

Now we were second guessing ourselves.

What was right, what was wrong, and what was true?


The Masters of Magic

I started out as just a normal coven witch with teenage problems and boy crushes. I argued with my sister, I rebelled against my parents, and I skipped classes from time to time.

Things were simple then.

And how I wish things were that simple again.

Now I was preparing for a war against the hunters. The very beings that tore my life apart, but how was I going to be able to fight when I could barely protect myself?

And why were the masters of magic at our new training session?

I had the feeling that things were going to get a little too…extraordinary.


Children of The Gods: A Soren Darnega Novelette

We were children of the gods, known to be the most dangerous and powerful species to ever live.

That was why we were hunted.

With both Depleters and Collectors seeking to eradicate our kind, we hid within moving villages throughout the Wild Lands with only one rule: Never go near another Gods Child.

But that rule was broken the moment I met Jackie.

And in that moment, our fates were set in stone.



The Blood City

A city in flames…

That’s what it looked like from where I was sitting.

From the rooftop, I could hear a man screaming in agony from somewhere below. Through all the ruckus, I wasn’t exactly sure where he was, but I knew that he would be dead soon. No one screamed like their flesh was being torn apart for this long and lived. At least that’s how things went in Forge, and I didn’t think this place was any different.




When Faith finds herself ready to commit suicide, her entire life takes a completely different turn for what could be the best...or the worst.



The Hunted

Running. Were we really back to this again? The wind was blowing through my hair, my heart was pounding against my chest, and I felt my legs moving, but it still didn't seem real. Not even the cut on my forehead bleeding into my left eye could convince me. It’s been over a year since we had to escape from the hunters…since they broke our family apart, and now we're running again...



Frostbitten 2

Faith learned how to become a vampire, but there was still so much that she needed to learn about her master and the darkness within...


The Abomination

Her master made sure that she knew what she was. Even after his death…

It had been three months since Crystal and Alveya were saved from the Krystal Tooths, and even though they were saved, Alveya still felt locked in a cage. After being rejected her entire life, she didn’t know how to be a part of a family, and worst of all, she was losing control of her beast.

Dive into Alveya’s mind and experience her point of view as the darkness begins to swallow her whole. Will she be able to hold on or completely lose herself?

Content Advisory: The following book contains vivid depictions of violence. Reader discretion is advised.