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Conflicted on 5th Avenue

Chance made them neighbors. Chemistry made them lovers. Will fate make them a family?

Widower and orthopedic surgeon, Ian Briggs has room in his life for two things, his practice and his son, Oliver. A forced relocation shakes up more than his sense of direction when he finds himself captivated and lusting for his new neighbor.

Chelsie Peterson is piecing together the shattered fragments of her life. A divorce from her cheating and emotionally abusive husband leaves her a single mother and doubting her value as a woman.

Fiery impulses entice Ian and Chelsie to surrender to a passionate and inconvenient romance. Is there more than the desire to escape the frenzy of life that binds them?

Chance made them neighbors. Chemistry makes them lovers. Will fate make them a family?



A standalone novella in the KISS ME Series by International Best Selling Author, Abbie St. Claire.
When telling your boss to kiss your ass feels so right!

A beautiful woman sells herself to the devil for a great paying job…
A New York stockbroker comes home to rescue his family’s business and violates company policy when he falls for an employee…
What happens when you swim in the company pond…

Paige Daltry was lucky enough to find a great position as executive assistant to the President of Dickerson Oil. The position more than tripled the salary of her previous position, but the trade-off couldn’t be worth it and something had to change. Barton Clay, the President of her company, sexually harassed her on a weekly basis and she found him to be the rudest, crudest human being to ever be