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Firebird: Adventure One

All Alex wants to do during his summer vacation is travel to Russia with his mom, dad, and sister Katie.

But that's not what happens. Mom and dad take off on their own, leaving Alex and Katie in a creepy old house with their weird Aunt Karina.

Alex is upset and thinks that his summer is ruined. But then, he and Katie discover Aunt Karina's magical library and a a secret door, a portal into the magical world of the Firebird.

Ready for excitement, Alex and Katie jump through the portal and ran off into the meadow looking for the Firebird.

Instead, they find Baba Yaga, the Russian witch. Or, rather, she finds them as they lose their way in the dark forest.

"We got a little lost," Alex says to Baba Yaga.

"And now you may get a little eaten!" Baba Yaga responds and takes a step closer.