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Northern Kingdom Book 2: The Journey of Fallen Kings

Jean Ross runs for her life when mysterious creatures attack her camp in the remote Himalayas. Where are her friends, and who is this lunatic fanatic she comes across in her desperate flight to safety? He tells her his name is Shan, and he’s on a month-long quest to distant mountains. He’s not allowed contact with women, and he must carry all his supplies on his back, but one strange and dangerous event after another throws Jean into his path. They wind up traveling together into a world full of magic, mystery and passion.



Northern Kingdom Prequel (short story of the epic 5 book shifter series. The cover is to Book 4 of the series.)

Beth McDunn is a tiger expert studying endangered tigers in the remote forests of Northen India when she makes a shocking discovery. Where everyone thought the tigers had died out, she films a mother tiger killing a wild pig for her two young cubs. Then, to Beth’s amazement, an enormous male tiger comes out of the trees, but instead of robbing the mother of her kill, he sits down and shares it with her. This is not normal tiger behavior, and Beth is even more stunned when another mother with cubs arrives and joins the group. They eat together in perfect harmony, but that is nothing compared to the surprise Beth gets next.
The shocking discovery sets Beth on a voyage of self-discovery into a world unlike anything she’s ever known, a world of mystery, passion, and renewed purpose.